Volume 13 (2009)

Alfredo Jaar. A Logo for America (detail), 1987.
Alfredo Jaar. A Logo for America (detail), 1987.

Published as the St. Andrews Journal of Art History and Museum Studies


The Map as Political Agent: Destabilizing the North-South Model and Redefining Identity in Twentieth-Century Latin American Art by Nicole De Armendi

A New Addition to the Oeuvre of Vincenzo Catena by Anik Waldeck

Crime or Creation?: Iconoclasm in the Name of Art by Helen E. Scott

Antiquity, Architecture and Country House Poetry: Sir John Clerk and The Country Seat by Nicholas Uglow

The Sensual Banquet Scene: Sex and the Senses in Eighteenth-Century Dynasty Theban Tomb Paintings by Chloe Kroeter

Through Japanese Eyes: The British Reception of Chinese Painting by Michelle, Ying-Ling Huang

Renewal in the New Hermitage: The Restoration of Leo von Klenze’s Galleries in the State Hermitage Museum by Amy Erica Digout

Considerations on the Everyday as an Aesthetic Category by Abigail Susik

Huron-Wendat Historical Visual Arts Tradition: Symbol of Cultural Continuity and Autonomy in the Past, Source of Inspiration in the Present by Anne de Stecher

Perception and the Problem with Preserving Modernist Architecture: 2 Columbus Circle by Lauren Vollono