The Editors

This year, the North Street Review is the product of a collaboration by three second-year PhD candidates at the University of St Andrews; (left to right) Natalie Boerder, Valentina Grub, and Christian Clarkson.

Natalie completed her undergraduate degree from Southern Methodist University in 2012. She received her Bachelors of Arts in Film and Media Studies and the History of Art. In 2010, Natalie was selected as one of the Cloisters interns at the Metropolitan Museum of Art where her research project focused on medieval furniture and images of the household. In 2013, Natalie completed her Masters at the Courtauld Institute of Art. Currently, her research interests including objects of storage and the medieval art of memory.

Valentina, editor-in-chief of this edition, earned her Bachelors of Arts with honors at Wellesley College in  Medieval & Renaissance and Classical Civilization in 2012. She then was awarded a Masters degree in Medieval Studies with distinction at the University of St Andrews , after which she taught students in Dubai for a year. She has since returned to the University of St Andrews and is researching medieval English embroidery and teaching undergraduates. She has recently published a novel, The Cogspeare Conspiracy.

Christian took her BA degree in History of Art at Clare College, Cambridge in 2013, and received her MPhil in medieval Irish architecture from the same institution the following year. Her PhD research is on Scottish medieval monastic planning, focusing on wider-precinct structures in Scots monasteries. Her research is funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council’s Collaborative Doctoral Partnership, which allows her to work with Julian Luxford (formerly Richard Fawcett) at St Andrews and Kirsty Owen at Historic Scotland.